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Madeline, 20.
Oregon. English Major. Caffeine Enthusiast.

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Kate Winslet, 1996


Kate Winslet, 1996

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The Lumineers - Flowers In Your Hair

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I thought it’d be interesting to try the “I Write Like…” site (http://iwl.me/) but to see how much style changes from year-to-year from piece-to-piece. All of these were fiction. The top is a piece called Cradlesong, the middle is the first chapter of Twisted, and the bottom is Red Bound. The first two are fantasy. The last two are first-person. Cradlesong started in high school and I haven’t touched it since 2009, Twisted started in 2011 and Red Bound was written in…2012? Yes.

In theory one could paste a bunch of excerpts and get a more accurate reading, but eh. This of course also isn’t any indication of how good the pieces are/I am. Though I am a little surprised and happy about the last one, though all three are cool.

PJ, please, with all due respect, I am rather displeased that you piqued my curiosity and would appreciate reparations of one sort or another.

I got Cory Doctorow three times, David Foster Wallace three times, and H.P. Lovecraft once.

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Lydia Martin wore topshop in tonight’s episode 

In other news I have died. 

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jorge balarezo crazy blind date 2014


jorge balarezo crazy blind date 2014

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